Vertical Roller Mill In Cement Industry

Vertical roller mill is a new generation of grinding equipment, which is widely used in various industries, building, metallurgy, ore and so on, among which the most widely used is the cement manufacture and use.

Vertical Roller Mill In Cement Industry

The cement is one of the most used raw materials in the building industry , different from the raw material preparation, cement production can be divided into dry (including semi dry) and wet (including semi wet) two kinds methods. No matter what kind of mode of production, vertical roller mill is an indispensable processing equipment.

1. Dry Process Production: The raw materials simultaneously drying and grinding, or first by drying raw meal powder grinding after feeding clinker calcination method of dry kiln. But there are also the raw material powder made ​​from raw material amount of water added to the ball, into the kiln calcining clinker. This method called semi dry, which still belong to one of the dry production method.

2. Wet Process Production: The raw materials plus gouache into raw slurry after feeding wet kiln calcination mature material. There will be a raw mix slurry dehydration after wet preparation, raw material block into the kiln for calcining mature material. This method called semi wet, which still one of the wet process production method.

Cement production, generally can be divided into raw meal preparation, clinker and cement made three processes.Portland cement production process has a representative in cement production, which is a limestone and clay as the main raw material through crushing, proportioning, grinding, raw material, and then fed into the cement kiln calcining mature material, then add the right amount of clinker gypsum (sometimes mixed with hybrid material or additive) finely ground together.

vertical roller mill

Grinding mill is an indispensable cement processing equipment , and the vertical roller mill in cement industry has many other advantages than other grinding equipment.

First of all, the design of vertical mechanism of vertical roller mill, which makes the advantages of smaller area light weight, lower power consumption, long service life of wearing parts, is completely can replace the traditional tube mill;

On the other hand, vertical mill in grinding the material particle size increased significantly, up to two hundred mm, and can according to their own needs to cancel the two stage crushing. Infrastructure investment is low, the noise is small, this is human nature, modern equipment embody;

Finally, more environment-friendly vertical roller mill, vertical milling machine can be changed very quickly by direct manipulation with preheater compound operation does not increase the volume of cases of dust. In the dry grinding process, we are able to low temperature gas comprehensive utilization from suspension preheater, more favorable to production, but also has its own security problems to the workers.

Traditional cement production process will give environment bring great pollution, but Zenith vertical roller mill using advanced pulse dust removal equipment in the cement industry, which effectively reduced dust emissions. Cement manufacturing industry is composed of the traditional kiln gradually transformed into grinding mill production.