Silica Sand Washing Plant Supplier

Silica sand washing plant will help get the high purity silica sand materials. Zenith, as the sand washing machine supplier, sells the advanced silica sand washing plant equipment from China.

Silica Sand Washing Machine Supplier

Why does Silica Sand Need to Have the Washing plant?

The grade of industrial used raw silica sand is becoming lower and lower. To meet the production requirements of this industry, you can have the silica sand washing plant to improve its grade. Silica sand washing plant process is: by means of mechanical force and sand grain peel force to remove the film on the surface of the silica sand impurity iron, bonding and clay mineral and further chopped into single mineral aggregate, then through classification work to achieve the effect of further refining silica sand.

Silica Sand Washing plant Supplier

Among the sand washing machine selling market, there are lots of various kinds of washing machine suppliers. How to choose the suitable one for your production line is very important. Zenith offers a broad base of process technologies for silica sand, construction materials, frac sand and industrial minerals production and coal tailings dewatering applications. Along with the silica sand washing equipment itself, Zenith provides the lab testing, application experience, and process engineering that delivers a total engineered system to the end user.

Silica Sand Application and Specification

Silica sand is the result product of silica materials crushing. Silica stone belongs to a kind of non-metallic minerals and it is a hard, wear-resisting, stable chemical properties of silicate minerals. The main mineral composition is SiO2 and its color is the milky white or colorless translucent. Silica sand's hardness is 7 and it is the important industrial mineral raw material. It is widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasive and other industries.

The general silica sand specifications are: 0.5--1 mm, 1--2 mm, 2--4 mm, 4--8 mm, 8--16mm, 16--32mm, 10--20 mesh, 20--40 mesh, 40--80mesh, 100--120 mesh.

Washing Result with Zenith's Silica Sand Washing machine

  1. Marketable requirement fine sizes are economically separated, dewatered, and made available for sale using Zenith washing machine;
  2. Clarified, high quality sand plant effluent water is immediately recycled to the processing plant for reuse with minimum evaporative losses, as overflow from Zenith washer equipment.