Gypsum Block Production Line

Gypsum crusher grinding mill is the main equipment used in gypsum block production line. In America, there is lots of gypsum and the grinding mill can be easily found in this country. Zenith manufactures high quality gypsum grinding mill for gypsum block production line.

gypsum block production line

Gypsum block Market Prospect

In the construction industry, gypsum block products can be considered to be environmentally friendly material and it is becoming more and more attention. Gypsum products can be totally used as the industrial by-products. Gypsum block wallboard can be completely recycled use again.

America is the largest country to produce gypsum block. Then it is Canada. France is in the leading position of Europe gypsum production and it is after Germany, Britain, and Spain.

Gypsum Block Production Line

Gypsum hardness is 1.5-2 and the gravity is 2.3. In general, its production line adopts the grinding mill to complete the main processing requirements. However, there is some conditions that it will need the gypsum crusher machine to assist the milling machine to accomplish thegypsum block production line.

Zenith’s mobile gypsum crusher plant has high performance with lower costs compared with the other crusher machines. The mobile gypsum crusher is powered by a diesel engine that required two keys for starting. The diesel engine also powered a hydraulic system that powered the 12-inch diameter head pulley of the 48-inch wide discharge belt conveyor.

We can easily find that the gypsum belongs to soft materials and grinding mill will play great role in the whole production line in America. Zenith’s gypsum grinding mill is designed for fine grinding applications. The subsequent test-work and successful installations have demonstrated the application flexibility of this grinding mill.

Our gypsum mill is the vertical roller mill and is the optimum choice for fine or ultrafine grinding, primary grinding, secondary grinding, and regrinding concentrates and so on.

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