Concrete Recycling Crushing Machine

Construction waste refers to the waste concrete, cement or other waste materials used in building, pipe network construction. It is produced in the process of building material and it needs to the related processing to achieve the desired recycling project construction usage. Mobile crusher plant machine is the main equipment used for concrete recycling crushing machine.

concrete recycling crushing machine

concrete recycling crushing machine

After recycling, the construction waste has two main purposes: for recycled concrete aggregate, on the other hand it is for renewable brick. While the latter one is generally accepted way of recycling way by several construction waste treatment plants.

Construction waste recycling mobile crushing station machine is mainly divided into rubber-tyred mobile crushing station and tracked mobile crushing station. At present the main scheme of construction waste processing mainly: mobile and stationary two kinds, among them, the fixed construction waste production is mainly with jaw crusher and grinder. This crushing project case has complicated working process and it will increase the investment costs. The produced sand aggregates size are big which is suitable for recycled concrete aggregate rather than making bricks and green bricks.

Building Waste Recycling Economic Value

  1. Abandoned buildings and abandoned brick concrete aggregate production thickness can be used in the production of the corresponding strength grade of concrete, mortar or preparation, such as block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products. After adding weight aggregate curing materials, it also can be used for highway pavement base.
  2. The waste aggregate of brick production can be used in the production of renewable brick, block, wall, floor tile and other building materials products.
  3. Waste residue can be used in road construction, fillers, pile foundation and so on.
  4. Abandoned pavement asphalt mixture can be directly used for regeneration in certain proportion of asphalt concrete.
  5. Abandoned road concretes can be processed into recycled aggregate concrete which is used to make recycled concrete.

Mobile Crusher Plant for Construction Waste Recycling

Mobile crusher plant for construction waste recycling has good mobility, good flexibility and good environmental protection. Zenith's mobile construction waste recycling crusher plant is designed with advanced technology and it has excellent performance, convenient operation and high productivity and high efficiency. The concrete recycling crushing machine has stable operation and reliable operating costs for the economy. Compared with the stationary crushing plant, this mobile crushing plant can realize the on-site processing, utilization and it will help to realize the construction waste resources utilization.

The concrete recycling crushing machine helps to enhance the economic benefit, social benefits, ecological benefits and low carbon economy target.