Common Crusher Machine Combination

Analysis of common crusher machine combination forms

Guided: With the depletion and limited mining of natural sand resources, artificial sand gradually began to be used in a wide range. Therefore, the configuration of the mechanism sand production line is also increasing, and in the sand and gravel aggregate production line, the selection of the crushing equipment and the crushing combination form is very important.

Common Crusher Machine

At present, the production line of 1000tph and above mainly uses cone crusher or rotary crusher for production. Both of them are mainly used by some large enterprises due to equipment investment and infrastructure installation cost. The more common types of crushing combinations include smashing , impact crusher, impact crusher + impact crusher, smashing + cone breaking.

The main features of the smashed and impact crusher combination are good product size, low total investment, low energy consumption, less powder, moderate maintenance and operating costs, and moderate environmental impact from noise and dust. The main features of the combination of impact crusher , impact crusher: good product size, high energy consumption, high maintenance and operation costs, large noise and dust, great impact on the environment, 0~5mm finished products account for a large proportion, mainly Suitable for enterprises with large demand for mechanical sand.

Main features of smashed and conical crusher machine combination: suitable for rock with high hardness and high abrasive index. The proportion of powdery material is small, the maintenance and operation cost is low, and the noise and dust generated are less than the former two. Large, high energy consumption, poor product size.

There are advantages and disadvantages in each of the three crusher machine combinations. Which one is chosen depends on the user's own conditions and production needs.