Coal Double Roll Crusher Washing Plant

Open pit coal mining site can be easily found in Indonesia. The whole mining line includes coal double roll crusher and coal washing equipment. With reasonable price and high quality, Zenith's coal double roll crusher and washing machine is widely used in Indonesia.

coal double roll crusher

Open-Pit Coal Mining

When the seam close to the surface, the open-pit coal mining is more economic. The material at the top of the coal soil is called topsoil. Buried with explosives in the topsoil which hasn't been exploited, and then use the dredger, excavator, truck equipment such as removing topsoil. The topsoil is filled in the mining of the mine. Topsoil is removed, the coal seam will be exposed. It should break the mineral blocks and take these materials to coal mining site for further processing.

When finished ore mining, repeat the same steps in the next area. Coal open pit mining way will get larger ratio of coal mine than the underground mining way. Because there are more and more ledges will be used. About 40% of the world coal production using open pit mining methods.

Coal Double Roll Crusher Washing Plant Used in Open Pit Mining

Coal double roll crusher washing is a process of separation mainly based on difference in specific gravity of coal and associated impurities like shale, sand and stones etc so that we get relatively pure marketable coal with add on calorific value of the coal. Coal washing separates non-combustible material from useful combustible material. Coal washing uses gravity separation, flotation and a technology, which uses dense media.

Coal double roll crusher can break the coal materials into small size. Large block coal materials will be processed into particles ones. Very dirty coals, those containing large amounts of incombustible material, could only qualify for substantial cleaning if the final selling price clearly justified it. For markets, coal cleaning would improve market potential of the coal and reduce transportation costs. In the industry application, the coal materials need to be washed and being clean ones. Coal washing machine from Zenith has high washing ratio and high working efficiency.

With selective mining, over 90% of the run-of-mine coal only needs crushing and blending to give export-quality primary coal. After crushing to –50mm in rolls crushers, the washing plant uses dense medium cyclones for 0.5mm to 50mm feed, and spirals for the –0.5mm material, products being dewatered in centrifuges.

The team Zenith coal mobile crusher screens is dedicated to more than just manufacturing the industry's best crushing, screening and washing equipment — we're here to improve the overall effectiveness and strength of your operation. That means focusing on service, support and training as well. Zenith even makes and stocks parts to coal double roll crusher screens equipment and provide world-class training on every piece of equipment we manufacture.