Cement Clinker Grinding Ball Mill

Cement clinker is produced with limestone, clay and other materials. It will need ball mill to grind the raw materials into fine powder for further production in India. Being a manufacturer of ball mill, you can get high quality cement clinker grinding ball mill from Zenith.

Cement Clinker Grinding Ball Mill Manufacturer India

Cement Clinker Grinding Ball Mill Manufacturer

Being the cement clinker grinding ball mill manufacturer, Zenith's ball mill can grind cement clinker, gypsum, limestone and similar materials of moderate moisture content in a one-compartment or two-compartment system. As the crushing compartments rotate, the balls inside them grind the clinker. Ball size determines the degree of product fineness.

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How Does Cement Clinker Ball Mill Work?

Cement clinker grinding ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part and rotation part and the driving part. It is composed of horizontal cylinder, hollow shaft and grinding head. Cement clinker will be sent into the cylinder according to different diameters and certain percentage. The shell rotates to generate centrifugal force which can bring balls to a certain height, then balls drop down by gravity, so the impact means the grinding force between balls and materials.

Zenith's cement clinker grinding ball mill for sale has highly reliable quality. It is easy to operate and maintain. As the wear resistant parts, shell lining of ball mill machine is durable. Whether your production line is open or closed circuit, our grinding ball mill can satisfy your production requirements.

Grinding ball mill for sale from Zenith can process any level of fitness cement clinker materials. It belongs to the energy efficient machine. The machine's large through-flow area ensures low pressure drop.