Calcite Powder Grinding Mill

Calcite is a kind of calcium carbonate mineral and the most common natural calcium carbonate is it. Therefore, calcite is a kind of widespread mineral. It has wide application in various kinds of industries application field. Calcite crusher machine and calcite powder grinding mill is the main machine for processing this material.

calcite powder grinding mill

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill — Ball Mill

Over 20 years’ production experience, Zenith has maintained our position as the leading supplier and manufacturer of grinding ball mill machine for the calcite processing line and other industrial requirements. Our machine is welcomed for its high quality, production capacity and the reasonable price.

In calcite powder grinding plant, the grinding ball mill machine is a slow speed milling machine with high quality bearings and girth gear. Its rugged design decides it has a easy operation, maintenance and an excellent working performance. Besides grinding calcite, our grinding ball mill is suitable for varied grinding solutions ranging from grinding of limestone to grinding of quartz and is suited for various industrial applications.

Calcite Powder Grinding Mill Lubrication System

An independent lubricating pump assembly is provided for each working bearing. Each assembly consists of required high pressure and low pressure pumps, motors, filters and the necessary tray to make a complete packaged unit. Adopting the thin oil lubrication, this calcite grinding ball mill used in France is easy to maintain.

crusher machine for Calcite Powder Grinding plant

The jaw crusher machine is the basic equipment used in calcite processing line. Zenith’s jaw crusher is an overhead eccentric type crushing machine which does not rely on the gravity alone to move material through the chamber. Instead, it provides a forced-feeding action, which results from the inward and downward eccentric movement of the swing jaw.

Zenith’s calcite jaw crusher machine has a larger eccentric and a non-choking design. This kind of jaw crusher machine can also have a smaller discharge setting than other crushers allowing for a higher degree of flexibility with related equipment.