Bentonite Clay Processing Plan

Bentonite clay is an important mineral material and it plays great role in industry processing line. For containing hard or medium hard stones, clay needs to have the crushing and separation process for the clean end products.

Bentonite Clay Processing Plan

Bentonite Clay Processing plant Machine

Bentonite clay is very small plastic aluminum silicate salt particle. In addition to aluminum, clay also contains a small amount of magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium, and calcium, and it is an important mineral raw materials. Generally speaking, clay is formed through the silicate mineral weathering on the surface of the earth. But some diagenesis also can produce clay.

Bentonite clay mineral particles are small, often in colloidal size range, showing the crystal or amorphous. Most clays are lamellar, minority for tube and rod. The bentonite clay is a kind of important mineral raw material. It consists a variety of hydrated silicates and a certain amount of alumina, alkali metal oxides and alkaline earth metal oxide, and also contains quartz, feldspar, mica and sulfate, sulfide, carbonate and other impurities.

Raw material extracted from the earth is thoroughly processed in the bentonite clay processing plant. Most clay contains unnecessary minerals that are removed in the mineral process.

The type of bentonite clay processing plant used depends on the type of detailed clay mineral being processed. The clay raw materials need have the crushing stage and separation process to get high clean end products.

Bentonite Clay Processing plant Separation Equipment

Zenith clay processing separation equipment adopts the negative pressure operation, environmental protection free from contamination. It can work single. This processing equipment has big capacity, and it can save manpower and reduce the production costs with low price. The separation machine adopts the different proportion of materials, and various particle size to have the gravity separation. It can reach the fineness result of convenient adjustment.

The unique roller compacted structure can guarantee the crude clay grade and the materials has tiny contaminated. It is simple to operate and it has high metal recovery.

Clay mining processing machines will be available from Zenith and it can provide high quality separation machine for clients getting clean end products for further applications.