small portable rock crusher

Small Portable Rock Crusher

Zenith small portable rock crusher combine large flexibility with good productiveness as well as excellent versatility.

Small portable rock crusher will be associated with one another variously to create a collection of parts. Employing a higher level associated with automatic as well as excellent interlock qualities, one specific or even extra models might be managed with a solitary owner.

small portable rock crusher For Sand Gravel

Small portable rock crusher is acceptable with regard to secondary and tertiary crushing in sand gravel manufacturing line. Hydraulic launch abilities make certain that any kind of uncrushable materials getting into typically the holding chamber are usually securely released. Easily transportable cone crusher features a larger product production about good quality together with preferred product size and shape. It's the preliminary cone crusher to become constructed with a good innovative

Features of small portable rock crusher

  1. Incorporated design.
  2. Truck mounted.
  3. Quick road transportation.
  4. With support legs on truck, quick to set-up.

small portable rock crusher For Coal

Small portable rock crusher is widely employed in coal crushing plant. Together with throughput capabilities amongst 100tph to 300tph, it happens to be created to increase equipment throughput and effectively reduce wear charges using a prolonged services lifetime. Portable cone crusher characteristics a good on-ship recirculating technique along with a removable dimensions display screen, and it is suitable in the current powerful crushing and screening environment.

Technical Data

Y Series Portable Cone Crusher Plant
Model Car Body Vibrating Screen Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Size(m) Power (kw)
Y3S1848CS75 Two-Spindle 3YK1848 ≤400 4-18.5 36(3′) 6-75 B800×7.5 200 13050×2830×4350
Y3S1860CS160 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 51(4.25′) 6-160/185 B800×8.5 500 14300×2830×4380
Y3S1860HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK1860 ≤400 4-22 HPC220 4-220 B800×8.5 550 14300×2830×4380
Y3S2160HP220 Three-Spindle 3YK2160 ≤400 4-30 HPC220 4-220 B1000×8.5 550 14300×3150×4380

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