Mobile Jaw Crusher

mobile jaw crusher china

Mobile jaw crusher china are your favorite answer about demolition lets recycle which will seriously emphasizemobility as well as proficiency.

All the compressed design and style helps ensure LD series crushing plants provide the finest mobility plus more crushing capacity.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Features

  1. Move very easily.
  2. Compactly organized and easy to function.
  3. Higher cost-performance percentage.
  4. Extensive application form.
  5. Exceptional effectiveness as well as easy to manage.
  6. Flexible settings.

Technical Data

mobile jaw crusher china
Model LD-PE600x900 LD-PE750x1060 LD-PEW860
Feeder GZD-960x3800 GZD-960x3800 GZD-1100x3800
Jaw Crusher PE600x900 PE750x1060 PEW860
Main Conveyor B800x8.5 M B1000x9 M B1000x9 M
Height of Main Conveyor (mm) 3200 3500 3600
Side Conveyor(Optional) B450x3 M B500x3.5 M B500x3.5 M
Height of Side Conveyor (mm) 2800 3100 3100
Generator (KW) 180 250 300
Transport Length (mm) 11800 13500 13500
Transport Width (mm) 2900 3200 3200
Transport Height (mm) 3660 4120 4150
Total Weight (t) 40 60 63

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