mobile impact stone crusher price

mobile impact stone crusher price

Mobile impact stone crusher work most effectively option about destruction recycling where possible which usually seriously emphasizemobility and effectiveness.

The actual lightweight layout makes certain LD series crushing plants hold the very best mobility and much more crushing volume.

Mobile Impact Crusher Main Features

  1. screen together with a couple of rotator instructions
  2. simple, hydraulic display screen starting program
  3. outstanding weight/productivity percentage
  4. categorized, clean up ending goods
  5. Energetic Establishing Manage as alternative

Technical Data

LD Series Mobile Impact Crusher
Model LD-PF1210 LD-PF1214 LD-PFW1214 LD-PFW1315
Feeder GZD-960x3800 GZD-960x3800 GZD-960x3800 GZD-1100x4200
Impact Crusher PF1210 PF1214 PFW1214 PFW1315
Main Conveyor B800x8.5 M B800x8.5 M B800x8.5 M B1000x9 M
Height of Main Conveyor (mm) 3200 3200 3500 3500
Side Conveyor(Optional) B450x3 M B450x3 M B450x3 M B500x3.5 M
Height of Side Conveyor (mm) 2800 2800 2800 3000
Generator (KW) 200 250 300 380
Transport Length (mm) 11500 11700 11800 13500
Transport Width (mm) 2900 2900 2900 3200
Transport Height (mm) 3650 3650 3950 4160
Total Weight (t) 39 40 43 60

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