Mobile Cone Crusher

mobile cone crusher in india

Mobile cone crusher in india are the most useful solution about destruction trying to recycle which usually seriously emphasizemobility as well as performance.

All the lightweight style guarantees mobile cone crusher in india possess the greatest mobility and much more crushing volume.

mobile cone crusher in india Main Benefits

  1. extremely sophisticated intelligence because normal
  2. true flexibility together with lightweight measurements
  3. higher capacity jaw crusher
  4. Energetic Environment Manage while choice
  5. worldwide aftersalesservice assured

Technical Data

LD Series Mobile Cone Crusher
model LD-S36 LD-S51 LD-HP220
Cone Crusher S36" S51" HP220
Belt Feeder GLD-1200×4/15 GLD-1200×4/15 GLD-1200×4/15
Hopper Volume (M3) 4 5 5
Feeding Height (mm) 2900 3100 3100
Main Conveyor B800x8 M B1000x9 M B1000x9 M
Height of Conveyor (mm) 2600 3100 3100
Generator (KW) 150 370 440
Transport Length (mm) 12000 14800 14800
Transport Width (mm) 3000 3100 3100
Transport Height (mm) 3700 4000 4000
Total Weight (t) 34.4 51 45

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