Steel Slag Crushing Plant

Steel slag has great economic value if it is processed. In the steel slag mining process line, Zenith's primary jaw crusher plant plays great role. Through crushing, grinding and beneficiation stages, you can get the useful materials from slag.

Slag Crusher

steel Slag Recycling Application Value

According to the different metallurgical process, steel slag can be divided into slag smelting slag and refining slag. In the smelting process, it will produce lots of slag, such as, if you produce 1 ton pig iron, it will produce 0.3-1 ton slags. When you produce 1 ton copper concentrate, there will be about 5-6 tons slag left. The slag which does not need take back to the smelting process will be utilization.

Steel slag can be used to produce cement, slag brick or the slag cotton. It also can be used to make heat preservation and heat insulation material. Slag also can be used as the instead materials rather than gravel. With high content P2O5, slag can be used as agricultural phosphorus fertilizer.

crusher machine in Steel Slag Crushing Plant

To get the high effective crushing plant, you should to consider the following factors of the processed materials: hardness, brittleness, moisture content and compressibility. Before you send a whole slag crushing plant into application, you should have the test.

Jaw crushing plant machine is the vital equipment involved in the steel slag crushing plant. When the slag is put into jaw crusher machine, it will be broken into medium size before it goes into next grinding stage. Zenith's slag jaw crushing plant machine for sale is also used by many industries for crushing coal, mineral ores and other rocks, glass, etc.

Zenith's steel slag crushing plant machine is designed to handle a maximum of 20 tph slag. This primary jaw crusher is designed to crush gasifier liner refractory brick of high compressive strength. With wide application and high crushing ratio, the primary jaw crushing plant machine is welcomed by slag processing operators. Zenith is a professional steel slag crushing plant manufacturer from China and you can directly contact us through this website to get detailed slag processing information.