Power Plant Coal Crusher

Power plant coal crusher is widely used in open-pit coal processing line. Zenith has produced the jaw crusher machines for coal powder plant for sale. With excellent advantages, the coal jaw crusher machine is popular among clients.

Power Plant Coal Crusher

Open-Pit Coal Power Plant Introduction

When the seam is close to the surface, it is more economical to have the open-pit power plant. The soil at the top of seam is called as the topsoil. Buried the explosives into the topsoil, and then you can remove the topsoil with the trucks and so on. This topsoil will be filled into the mine. Topsoil is removed and the seam will be exposed. Then the coal ore will be taken to the mining site for further processing. About 40% coal ore in the world will adopt the open-pit mining method.

Power Plant Coal Crusher for sale

The coal jaw crusher used in open-pit plant for sale will be divided into single toggle jaw crusher and double toggle jaw crusher. The single toggle jaw crusher machine has compact structure. Because the moving jaw has small moving, there will be less excessive crushing phenomenon. However, the moving jaw plate has less wear.

Double coal jaw crusher has lighter quality, less component and more compact structure. It has good crushing cavity. The coal materials will be processed evenly. It has 20-30% higher productivity compared with the same specification crusher machines.

The power plant coal crusher used in open-pit coal mining plant effectively solves the high operation rate and less maintenance problems. It can break the large scale coal materials and the maximum crushing grain size is 1000*1200 mm. Zenith’s jaw crusher machine can effectively solve the problem of demand exceeds supply.

Zenith’s jaw crusher for coal open-pit powder plant will reduce the power consumption and bring high profits. With high crushing ratio, it will produce the granularity products. Simple structure will take less operating costs. Its lubrication system is safe and reliable. It is easy to change the spare parts and maintenance. The discharging mouth adjustment device is convenient and reliable which increase the flexibility of the equipment.