Potash Feldspar Processing Plant

Potash feldspar has wide application and it can be used for decorations, construction materials and so on. The raw potash feldspar materials will be crushed, grinded for further application. In this process, it will need the potash feldspar crusher, coarse grinding mill and fine grinding mill.

potash feldspar Crusher

Crusher Machine for Potash Feldspar Processing Plant

The hardness of potash feldspar is 2.5-5 and it belongs to the medium hard material. In its production line, the crusher machine is used in the first mining stage. Zenith’s potash feldspar crusher machine for sale can break the materials into small piece. potash feldspar crusher machine from Zenith will be jaw crusher machine. This company’s jaw crusher has been divided into HJ Series Jaw Crusher, PE Series Jaw Crusher and the PEW Series Jaw Crusher.

These jaw crusher machines are composed with the fixed jaw plate and the mobile jaw plate. This machine simulates animals’ two jaw to complete the materials’ crushing tasks. The potash feldspar crushing process will be followed by the coarse grinding and fine grinding stages.

Grinding Mill Used For Potash Feldspar Processing Plant

Grinding mill used for potash feldspar processing plant from Zenith will be the ball mill machine. Potash feldspar ball mill machine is the high working efficiency and widely used milling machine. The potash feldspar enter into the cylinder body through the feeding part. When the ball cylinder rotates, grinding medium will be taken from the cylinder with the function of inertia, centrifugal force effect. When the potash feldspar materials are taken to some certain height, it will be cast down by its own gravity. Like projectile, the whereabouts of the grinding medium will break and grind the potash feldspars.

Potash Feldspar Processing Plant Manufacturer

Zenith is a manufacturer for potash feldspar processing plant. Ultrafine grinding mill for potash feldspar has high vulnerability of utilization under the same working conditions. It has preciseness milling machine design and there is no screw loose and damaged machine problem. Under the same condition of final granularity, the potash feldspar fine grinding mill has 40% higher than the other machines.