Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt belongs to the heavy gravity mineral ore. In the basalt ore processing line, it will need the jaw crusher machine and impact crusher to complete the processing line. If you want to get the high quality basalt artificial stone crusher, Zenith will be the best choice.

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt Ore Characteristics

The main ingredients of basalt are silicon dioxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, among which the silicon dioxide has large content. It almost occupies 45%-50%.

The color of basalt is general black, brown or dark green. For the dense texture, the proportion is heavier than granite, limestone, sandstone and shale etc.

basalt artificial stone crusher—Jaw Crusher

More than 20 years’ production experience means Zenith has established a solid understanding of basalt artificial stone crusher needs, and we use that expertise to ensure that each basalt jaw crusher we manufacture has the consistent performance, reliability and productivity you demand. This crusher machine is designed with long crushing chambers and shallow nip angles, the advanced models are specifically designed for productivity and longevity in the hardest quarry crushing environments.

Zenith’s PE series jaw crusher has durable yet economic designs for the portable contractor or basalt producer, these machines are easy to maintain, easy to operate and rugged for decades of low cost operation.

basalt artificial stone crusher— Impact Crusher

After the jaw crusher working stage, the basalt impact crusher will put on usage. Standing in customer's position, Zenith designs the basalt impact crusher to minimize maintenance and improve the adjustment operations. This basalt artificial stone crusher from Zenith can help clients get high crushing ratio, good cubical shape to satisfy the basalt operators’ product specifications. Due to its characteristics, it belongs to the extremely versatile machine which is suitable for quarrying basalt and gravel pit industry.